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3 Reasons You Should Be Going To Live Events

Last week I attended an event in Toronto at a lovely place called The Lulu Lounge. It is famed for it's colourful wide range of musical offerings. Friday & Saturday enjoy tropical dinner and cocktails, then join the dance lesson and try your steps with the live band & DJ. Dance to salsa, bachata, reggaeton & top 40! Sunday through Thursday come over for reggae, jazz, hip hop, classical, funk, Brazilian, world music, dance and more. That is quite the variety of live music.

The event I attended was a women's event called Sparkle & Shine encouraging women to support each other hosted by Natalie Colalillo of Happy Healthy Women. The next day I was feeling extremely happy because I had stepped out of my regular routine to attend this sparkly party. Here are some reasons to attend more live events in the New Year.

1. To Find Your Build Tribe

These interactive experiences allow you to network. You get to discover other people's work and approach. You also get to "collect" resources and potentially future clients. being a people person, I really appreciate this part. Socializing with this way allows you to get to know each other a little bit better when you participate in an event together. Taking photos to capture the experience is also one of the gains to love too! Hearing the latest about what is current is also part of the package.

(At this event there was a talented circus performer form A2D2 Eevnts.)

2. To Connect with Like Minded People

There is only so much time we can be lone wolves. We need to get out there and connect and also share our best with others. It can be like taking a mini vacation of inspiration when you are surrounded with people who are on your same wavelength. It is relaxing to be around people who are in agreement with you rather than challenging everything you say. This helps to get back into alignment and remember our purpose. Sharing our work, persona and identity with other people who appreciate is a priceless gift we can give ourselves when we take control and schedule more fun experiences.

(Looking for meditation cards?)

3. Supporting each other's businesses.

Natalie encouraged us "To lock arms and buy form each other." It was great to sign my books for people who I got to meet in person! It was also great to buy some last minute gifts for my family knowing I was supporting these fabulous women. There were so many great resources that I made sure to collect as many business cards as I could for future gift giving.

By the end of the night I had meet so many amazing new people, shared my work and books along with finding a great new spot (The Lulu Lounge)! See more of what is left of this year's paintings, books and offers in my shop.

In the New Year, I encourage you to look for these events which are really opportunities to help women in business better succeed. Events are fun because you get to dress up ( everyone wore something sparkly which I loved!), share and shop! I am looking forward to more these amazing events.

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