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Use Bullet Journaling To Track Your Self-Care Habits

Bullet Journaling is one form of art journaling that has become increasingly popular -- especially when is comes to tracking your productivity and healthy mind habits. The Idea: We become less anxious when we have a more complete view of what we are getting done. Despite the endless apps that allow you to do the same thing, fellow creatives seem to love getting out colourful pens, markers, rulers and a blank journal to create these positivity charts.

Results speak volumes. As you begin the fill in your bullet journal every day, you feel compelled to keep filling it in the next day. The result is a simple feeling of completion and you get put your creative side and your pens to good use.

Interestingly, bullet journals also show us where and when we are not getting as much done. This leads us to focus on the why not and quickly find solutions for our less productive areas. This can be an extremely wonderful tool for people who tend to procrastinate because it shows them exactly how much they are not contributing towards boosting a particular good habit. For example, if you were tracking ten positive and healthy 15 Minute Self-Care Habits you could easily see which ones were not getting done quite clearly. No denial here, when the ink is on the page right in front of you. If there is habit you are neglecting like going to the gym, the reminder is there to go so you can fill in a box as soon as possible.

Some of the most effective bullet journals work well with exercise or a fitness circuit to complete daily. I like to use mine for my morning routine. After I have checked off dog walking, vitamins and lemon water etc. I feel powerfully productive after I fill in the bullets. Using a bullet journal as a tool that can lead to you creating better habits over all. Imagine: amazing lifestyle accomplishment... When things are running with flow and smoothness everyone in our life benefits, including us.


Watching to much Netflix? Make a TV time watching tracker.

Negativity tracking will lead you to seeing and noting exactly what is triggering you leading you to solving the behaviour more quickly.

One of the best ideas is starting a gratitude journal with one bullet point of what you are thankful for daily.

1. Pick a great self-care topic. Setting realistic goals will lead to better success rates.

2. Use a motivating colour scheme. I chose bright turquoise and plum.

3. Stand up and draw your chart measuring equal portions with a ruler.

4. Write self-care habits in one colour and work habits in another one.

5. Don't be afraid to remove your chart from the journal in the name of putting it in a visible spot for best productivity.


It is exciting to think this tool, bullet journaling, can give you control over your regular to do, negativity, exercise as well as your over all mental health. Simply allowing yourself to track how much you are getting done in the priority self-care feeding activities is powerful in creating the life you desire. The potential to get to the root of your procrastination problems can also occur. You can't create your desired existence if you are not looking at the areas we are neglecting. Bullet journal tracking can allow us to really look at ourselves. At this point, we can create a plan with how we will take action to pour energy into getting closer to the life we desire.

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