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Night of In-Person Networking Fun at Perfect Szn

Elevate Your Business At Our Networking Event

Networking events are a cornerstone for business growth, offering a valuable opportunity to connect, collaborate, and expand. For business owners seeking to extend their networks or broaden their knowledge base, my upcoming networking event promises to be an invaluable experience. This event is designed to add some in-person networking connections in before the end of the year.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 29th, as this networking event is scheduled at 7 pm at Perfect Szn Restaurant in Bradford. It's a chance for entrepreneurs and business owners to make connections, show support, and gather knowledge in a relaxed yet productive environment.

As an experienced trainer and host, known for expertise in motivating individuals and creating effective business strategies, this is my fun.

The dress code for the evening is business casual, with a hint of holiday flair if desired. Don't forget to bring your business cards! Just to note, Perfect Szn Restaurant offers an impressive array of beverages to suit everyone's tastes.

The event aims not only to facilitate networking but also to create better business building. Activities include photos for social media and in-person networking.

To stay updated on upcoming networking events and engage in ongoing discussions about business building, join the "Better Biz Building" Facebook Group after registering for this event.

This gathering offers a unique opportunity to meet like-minded business owners, create new connections, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Remember to mark November 29th at 7 pm on your calendar and RSVP early to secure your spot. Spaces are limited, and this event promises to be a fun evening filled with networking opportunities and business growth potential.

Guests are more than welcome, but please ensure that everyone RSVPs. We're excited to welcome you to this exclusive networking event and look forward to connecting with you on November 29th at Perfect Szn Restaurant at 7pm in Bradford. Thank you for your support, and see you there!

Date: Wed. 29th, 2023 Nov.

Time: 7pm

Where: Perfect Szn, Bradford

Thanks so much guys for your interest.


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