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Get The Self-Care Confidence, Stand Out Branding & Marketing Skills To Create Your Dream Life + Biz 

My brand The Art Journalist is a coaching business that specializes in helping entrepreneurs improve their sales confidence, create an updated personal brand identity, and increase their end of year revenue through customized coaching programs. I am passionate about helping my clients reach their goals and I am committed to providing them with the tools and resources needed to succeed. With my expertise, I guide you to create a cash growth funnel that can significantly increase your profitability.


Ready to get excited about
CREATING your best life?

I help entrepreneurs who are dreaming bigger to boost their confidence in sales, create a beautiful personal brand, and increase their end of year revenue.

I provide customized coaching programs to guide you in building a cash growth funnel that will skyrocket your success. With my help, you will be able to take your business to a whole new level.

Discover your POTENTIAL

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Cassandra Russell is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business expansion and branding expertise. As a Branding & Sales Strategy Coach and Professional Trainer, she empowers business owners to implement cash growth pricing strategies, generating 10-100k cash flow infusions for their ventures. With a strong focus on self-care and leadership development, Cassandra equips entrepreneurs to make swift and informed decisions.

Throughout her career, Cassandra has been instrumental in launching numerous innovative projects and collaborating with major brands such as Bell, Revlon, Dr. Scholl's, Proctor & Gamble, and more. Her corporate marketing and graphic design background have honed her skills in creating impactful campaigns.

As a Certified Conversion Funnels Marketing and Content Marketing Coach, Cassandra provides tailored guidance to leadership driven entrepreneurs, enhancing their sales confidence and closing abilities, updating their personal brand identity, and boosting end-of-year revenue through personalized coaching programs.

A published author and motivational speaker, Cassandra's expertise extends to women's groups, business workshops, universities, and her own events. She has graced prestigious entrepreneurial gatherings like Altitude Summit in Palm Springs.

With a university education in Psychology, Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, and Social Science, Cassandra's approach is grounded in a profound understanding of human behavior and business dynamics. As a Certified Essential Oils Coach and Wellness Motivator, she advocates for a holistic and happy lifestyle.

Cassandra's passion lies in helping entrepreneurs craft effective cash growth funnels, significantly increasing their profitability. If you're seeking a knowledgeable and results-driven partner for your business expansion, reach out to Cassandra to explore the possibilities of working together. Also be sure to join the Facebook Group: BETTER BIZ BUILDING

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