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4 Ways To Simplify Valentine's Day

Self Care Tip: Photograph The Process

Preparing for Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite things to do, especially with my kids. Taking a photo of all of the colorful supplies and tools is a great way to capture the moments of creativity in a snapshot.

Save Time With Stamps

As a busy Mom, I don't let the stress or tasks of daily life keep me from creating. Stamps are perfect for making a quick card with very little effort.

You don't have to limit yourself to red and white for Valentine's Day card making. This heartfelt chance to express yourself creatively doesn't have to be limited to a journal. Card making has been one way I bring my journal pages to life. Drawing upon my collected designs, I get inspired by gathering papers and supplies in warm shades to make my handmade creations. Using these colours artistically also adds some cheer to this month's winter days.

Give Fresh Flowers

This classic no-fail V-day gift is also a nice break from the winter blahs.

The smell of fresh roses is a romantic simple aromatic treat. This year I gathered a huge bunch to make into smaller bunches for friends and family. The simple act of arranging and preparing the stems can also become a peaceful tradition that I have come to look forward to.

Give A Heart Shaped Box Of Chocolates

"Creativity is a combination of discipline and a childlike spirit." - Robert Greene

This small heart shaped box caught my attention because it was understated

and minimal. It also seemed child sized yet smart health wise because of the limited amount of sweets. This little box ended up being added to my cart because it was complementing our family's health goals to cut down on chocolate this year. We eat a lot of it but are trying to be mindful of exactly how much we are eating.

Having simple yet meaningful traditions like these is a great way to eliminate the stress and enjoy celebrating aspect of Valentine's Day. Little luxuries with a minimal approach with a focus on caring are the perfect complements to your Self-Care practice and well-being.

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