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Simple Elements Of A Tablescape To Celebrate New Years Eve

As the sun was setting for the last time for 2017, I was putting together my simplified tablescape for the night. Now you might be asking what exactly is a tablescape? Now this is an idea I adore! It is artistic it keeps everything organized for an evening of celebration.

It is basically a table with all the items you need for entertain your guests put out in a planned and decorative way. This can range from super decadent to minimal simplicity full of pure style. I like simplified arrangements that include many of the items of have like those champagne glasses I have tucked away. This year we opted for a quiet movie night at home with my teen son and pre-teen daughter that includes a countdown at 11pm.


The tablescape which acts as a decoration itself, sets the moods with black and white and gold to ring in the New year. Having these simple rituals helps children and families celebrate together. By getting your kids involved in the planning and decorating New Year's can take on a special magic of it's own. Getting children excited about family activities at this age can be a task, so keeping theme stylist yet no fail with black and white keeps things easy.


As a kid I attended elaborate exciting parties held by my Aunt every New Year's Eve so I wanted to bring the fun of conversation into the night. We included the game do You Really Know Me? into the agenda. This is game with questions that act as prompts for others to see how well they can answer the questions. It is a great tool for encouraging bonding and people getting to know each other better.


This black and white striped tube in the picture is for including your New Year's Resolutions and some favorite items form 2017. Now this time capsule doesn't have to be buried with the intent of others digging it up 100 years form now. Instead it can be tucked away and opened next year on New Year's Eve. You can talk about the contents and resolution success as family tradition.



I love the uniform colour of the blooms in the photo above, making it super simple to put together yourself. The small apricot arrangement of carnations from tablescape design is placed in a simple white tall coffee mug. The arrangement in my design is held together with masking tape I had on hand.



Using paper elements like these black and white paper straws adds punch to the table. Including a handmade eco-art paper craft is also a mindful way to display your decorations. If you are stuck for ideas, check my Pinterest Board called Eco-Lovely for endlessly inspiring family eco-art ideas.



Chocolate Cheese Cake

No Bake Chocolate Cheesecakes Time was of the essence, I needed a quick recipe. Blogger, The Minimalist Baker provided this one that you have got to try: . Somehow the term "no bake" says less work and simple! I love her recipes because they do not require a million ingredients!

Corn Muffins

These cute muffins decorated with apricot carnations act as appetizers. Here is a recipe for Vegan Corn Muffins from the Minimalist Baker. This is a great resource of gorgeous gluten-free cake recipes as well.


My crystal champagne glasses will be filled with Root Beer this year. A beverage we can all agree on for the countdown to midnight. Champagne, pop, iced tea are all possibilities for a New Year's Eve tablescape.

Don't forget to photograph your tablescape and fellow decorators. you can even use some of these tablescape elements as props for your photos. Not enough time for all of these ideas? Try making a tablescape for New Year's Day. Need more inspiration, you can visit my Pinterest Winter Board which features tons of ideas for New year's eve. Making New Year's Eve can be intriguing when you are inspired to share your creativity with those around you. Marking this night with these simple elements is not only fun but they can become traditions for years to some. Happy New Year! Cassandra

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