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Co-cordinated Wrapping - Holiday Style

This year I got co-ordinated with my wrapping. I used this adorable polar and grizzly bear paper to capture the mood of my twelve year old daughter and thirteen year old son. I wanted something cute but not to kiddish. The dark blue background has a very current and fashionable feel. I used beige and red fuzzy yarn along with red ribbon to decorate my packages while keeping the bases the same.

These two small treat packages are little gifts the kids got each other but then said I had to wrap them. I agreed to this at first but soon got them involved as the wrapping continued. The more we wrapped we came up with a new unique way to tie the gift up. This looks great under the tree! Insisting your kids help with the tape, writing cards and learning to wrap gifts helps them to express a sense of giving towards others.

Earlier on, I got together with my friend and gifted creative Vivian Punzalan to enjoy wrapping additional gifts for our families. I have captured her here with her shiny eyes and healthy make up free look.

She made me a simple soup on a freezing cold day. I love anyone who will cook something so healthy for me! A pared down chicken and veggie broth that the was perfect lunch for a day of wrapping.

With Eco ever on my mind, I immediately picked these items to wrap with, knowing I would keep the lovely red velvety ribbon to make into something else later. The striped paper is so holiday classic and graphically pleasing. I made the bow by twisting a sparkly silver pipe cleaner into a heart shape.

Next I used a simple brown paper and add a striped wrapping paper band and a handmade tissue paper wreath instead of a bow from Eco-Lovely Program.

This paper snowflake printed paper was a plant sleeve salvaged by Viv. I swiped some of it up to take home to match my gifts pictured above. Viv went on to make this gift pictured with a jingle bell.

Among Viv's many talents she teaches calligraphy classes which include learning many different fonts. It seems calligraphy is everywhere these days so learning this art seems like an invaluable addition to your artistic skill set that you will use for a life time.

Viv put together an artfully done Holiday flay lay and then put the photo

through a filter to get this look.

The first time I met Viv we spent the day talking. She later attended my Grow Group giving 150% support. Her wise insight and talent are endearing to be around. I know I was inspired and happy enough to share these creations here on my blog! Happiest of Holidays, Cassandra

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