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Handmade Leaf Printed Mother's Day Cards Part Of Recent Eco-Lovely Presentation

Adding an element of intrigue to the presentation is the foundation of my Eco-Lovely talk. I hear comments like "she is so pretty..." and "I like her clothes...." over heard from some of the girls. This translates happily in my mind as I think: I am so glad to be here mentoring and having AN impact at this moment. Some of the students approach as I set up my own Eco-Art for a closer look. They are thrilled immediately and begin asking random questions which I put on hold. The presentation begins.

During my very interactive talk, the questions and comments put forth reveal both the concern and curiosity of the children about their world. Becoming aware that they will one day inherit today's eco-problems can be a depressing topic. The intrigue is in the learning about what they can do. After hearing about simple actions they can take, Eco-Packaging Design and optimal design, they are ready to create. To learn more about booking your own an Eco-Lovely presentation click the box below.

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