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Welcome to our self-care blog series designed to help you wrap up the season. Before we get into creating for Christmas and New Year's Eve 2020, let's take a moment to harvest the best of Autumn 2019 by putting some mindful Annual Autumn Rituals into place so that next year is simplified and just plain easier. The goal of this years' Autumn Wrap Up is to get you happier and contented with all things fall and then put them to rest for next year.

One great way to do this is to keep a journal or blog of all of your ideas or to pin them on Pinterest. My Pinterest is set up with the seasons in mind so that I can easily find and share my favourite ideas. This is a social media practice I find enjoyable. At this moment, there are 472 pins on my Pinterest Autumn Board which help me generate ideas by taking a little from here and there to create my own style. Some reminders to cook healthier season food like pumpkin -- so many great ideas for this!

Let's get into more of what doing these self-care micro-actions leads to. It is important to always be improving our lifestyle skills. Everything that we do makes up the life we are living and dictates the future as well. This why being mindful of growing our self-care actions is so important.

Learning to deal with emotions is an on-going self-care practice because we are always growing mentally. I prefer ways to do this where you are not "overthinking things" but being happily triggered by the positive routines that you have put in place. This can sound like a lot of work, but is really about choosing new and better self supporting habits.

One last goal is to be more eco-friendly. This generates a feeling of purposefulness that is invaluable to your self-care routine. I have taught an Eco-Lovely workshop where young children especially bloom with inspiration when using some of my techniques that are also an tutorial on how to be more caring towards the environment. Sometimes it feel as if there is nothing you can do. In this blog series I will show you a few ways to use your body, mind and spirit to help the planet. Your energy can shift and your mood can change when you put positive energy into action.


Part 1 - Celebrate & Decorate

Part 2 - Gather

Part 3 - Savour

Part 4 - Create Calm

Part 5 - Wrap Up

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