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THE AUTUMN WRAP UP BLOG SERIES - Part 1 - Celebrate & Decorate

We are starting off with some simple design lessons for the first Part 1 - Celebrate & Decorate of this self-care series. My goal for decorating for holidays and the seasons is to keep it simple. I have purposefully designed quick, creative and beautiful ways to decorate my Autumn Days. Tuck these ideas for next if needed or take some of them into the Christmas Holiday Season. Multi-purpose, eco-friendly (re-useable) and stylish are keywords I love.

SELF CARE GOAL: The desired outcome of Celebrate and Decorate is to get happy and move closer to a state of on going contentment.

CREATE SMALL GROUPINGS: I like to used monochromatic colour schemes to set the tone. Rounded organic shapes and autumn themes complete the story telling. Placing these items together with the intention of getting into the spirit of the season can make us feel connected with our world. Tune competitive feelings and create from a place of intuition.

CALM - use light colours in warm shades of beige and cool cremes and white

HAPPY - use lots orange, dark warm brown, warm beiges

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