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Adding Charity To Your Picture

After the Back To School chaos had died down, I helped out at a Fundraiser for Sick Kids (The chairty associated with The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto) held by some of my friends Vivian and Ray Punzlan . They work hard throughout the year raising money for this charity that is in constant need holding various fundraising events. Their Golf Tournament was attended by and supported several local businesses.

Did you know that SickKids itself has some current fundraising goals that include renovation and scientific research ?

What is SickKids all about?

"To save lives, to find new cures and to provide world-class care. But we are also fighting against the limits of a 70-year-old hospital where parts of the building don’t meet modern building codes. Where our most vulnerable patients are crammed into overcrowded rooms. Where our outdated spaces can’t accommodate the weight of an MRI machine. That’s where you come in. We need you on our side in the SickKids VS Limits Campaign, the biggest fundraising campaign in Canadian health-care history, to help us build a brand-new hospital.

To build a new SickKids, we need $1.3 billon in donations.

With the support of our generous donors, we are halfway to our goal—but we can’t break ground without you. Together, we will build a state-of-the-art hospital on University Avenue, (Toronto) and a Patient Support Centre behind it that will house our child health leaders." (Taken from the SickKidsWebsite)

Did you know can anyone host a fundraiser?

Currently the amount raised is $700Million which is close. This fundraising goal for SickKids this year was tackled by many people hosting their own events. See the new video ad encouraging us to "Join Your Crew."

Here is what my friends did: It took a lot of pre-planning and getting on the phone to reach out to people. But in the end they raised over $3000. As a volunteer, it was moving to see the amount of kind hearted people that came out to golf and attend the dinner that followed.

Sponsors Included:


SCADDABUSH is Italian slang for “a little bit of everything”. And with our social sized dishes (perfect for sharing) you can certainly try a little bit of everything. Our kitchenstyle tables set the stage for classic Italian hospitality and authentic Italian food. Friends and family alike feel at home in our spirited, unpretentious atmosphere.They offered to provided catered goodies to help the cause.They provided an array of food but their meatball hors d' eurves served in creative little cups got my eye.

The Rodizio style Brazilian churrascaria or “Steakhouse” offers guests various cuts of of grilled meats on skewer. They generously prepared and contributed to the lunch menu.Touro Brazilian Steak House: The Rodizio style Brazilian churrascaria or “Steakhouse” offers guests various cuts of of grilled meats on skewer. They generously preepared and contributed to the lunch menu.


They provided two cars up for a contest draw for the golfing participants.


Maple Downs Golf & Country Club They supplied time and space for golfers to play and a venue for an after golf dinner where the fundraising continued.

Visit the SickKids website to see more about the cause and the incredible work they are doing. There are several ways to donate besides hosting an event. You can also note the amount of awards they are winning which speaks to the quality of their pursuit.

Thinking ahead to 2019, this maybe an idea for hosting an event of your own. Planning ahead to make a huge caring impact is a great idea! Does contributing on a deeper level resonate with you? Sometimes after attending an event like this where everyone has worked together to deliver a beautiful compassionate result we want to do more on a personal level within our work or in our daily life. A transformation has happened and we want to share the love.

Cause marketing allows you capitalize on the power of social media as an avenue for helping a cause, organizations, corporate driven initiatives or non-profits get more exposure. Whether it is for your personal or business intentions developing a Charity Strategy is a deeply loving thing to do.

In my Self Worth Discovery Private Coaching Package we explore what Excavating Your Spirited Brand Personality means. Part of this is what the foundation of why and how you are mindfully choosing to give.

Self-Care Tip: Contribute by volunteering to lend a hand. There is a healing that takes place when we give back. If you are feeling anxiety or inner pain that seems unending, you an turn it around by finding a way to be charitable. A shift will take place moving you towards a better place.

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