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A Travel Guide: 4 Days In Palm Springs (Day 4)

There was so much more to do in Palm Springs -- I wished I could stay for two weeks to experience the hiking and see more of the area's design ....

DAY 4:

Enliven & Energize

Out & About In Palm Springs

Self-Care Tip:

Breakfast At L’Atelier Cafe

Photo Source: L'Atelier & Clementine Gourmet Marketplace

L’Atelier is great for a quick cheerful Euro breakfast meal. Owners Chef Raphael and Charlotte carefully created the entire menu. Pastry Chef, Raphael worked in his own Paris bakery whose best recipes have continued through L’Atelier. Part of having a Self-Care practice includes treating yourself and thinking ahead. If you are doing lots of walking, exploring and or hiking, you will be using lots of energy. Grabbing some pastries to go for a treat might be the right idea (if your diet allows). Keeping some in your hotel room for a snack later is also a good idea. You can also be on the look out for the Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Café located in nearby Palm Dessert if you trip allows. Their pastries are pictured at the bottom right.

Self-Care Tip:

Early Morning Energy Boost At Raw Food Remedy Juice Bar

Photo Source: Raw Food Remedy

Getting a smoothie to sip on during the morning activities is a way to get through the rest of day. Also tempting to take away and try is Raw Food Remedy's Blue Coco Smoothie Bowl. When you are away on vacation, by this point your body might be saying: "I need some real or healthy food!" They are a 100% organic, raw juice & food bar offering healthier alternatives like fresh pressed juices, smoothies, delicious wraps, smoothie granola bowls, raw cheesecakes, cacao energy bars & more. At this point, I wished I had found this place first.

Alt Summit Highlights

Photo Source: CassandraRussell

The entire event was filled with opportunities to meet creatively inspired people with vision and heart...

Photo Source: Justin Hackworth

At The events included many opportunities to make things. This was great art therapy de-stressor and also entertaining. The Joann booth had a set up to make pouches that said things like Maker and Crafter in sparkly letters. Day Owl Rose, a California dessert wine won my favour. Even though I do not drink, I had a few sips and really enjoyed it. If you wanted a had light sweet wine for poolside I would definitely recommend it! From their website: "Bright, citrusy, and effortlessly cool, this versatile wine pairs perfectly with whatever the day throws at it.Day Owl Rosé radiates with floral red fruit and vibrant orange zest vibes. Lively acidity and a dry, elegant finish make for a bold bottle as alluring as the day is long. Pair with barbecued chicken, watermelon and mint salad, cold Thai sesame noodles, or fresh fish tacos."

Self-Care Tip:

Lunch At Farm Restuarant

Photo Source: McCool Travel & Farm Palm Springs

The dining warm edited ambiance at Farm has a Southern French flair . The garden patio complete with terracotta tiles is complemented by the bright floral landscaping details. An authentic menu is decorated with the freshest ingredients. Farm serves their coffee French-press, homemade jams, and a special attention to taste, aroma and texture speak to Farm's attention to careful detail. This traditional Provencal-style restaurant's menu is filled with traditional French dishes featuring locally sourced produce, eggs and artisan meats. I also love the absence of freezer food and no microwave! Salads, omlettes, crepes, sandwiches and many more choices make it difficult to order!

Alt Summit Afternoon

Photo Source: Justin Hackworth & Cassandra Russell

Photo Source: Justin Hackworth & Cassandra Russell

The conference featured numerous segments (80+). One unique idea that I had never done before was the round table discussions. Presenters were asked to present and discuss their topic for 2 hours. This was a lot more challenging than speaking more the stage because it required the ability to answer constant questions versus presenting uninterrupted for 2 hours. The bonus of this style is that lots of presenters can present a variety of topics at the same time. When I was first selected to speak at Alt Summit I was so excited especially because I had never been to Palm Springs or Alt as it is known. The photos from previous years depicted it as a colourful experience filled with creative people and opportunity for learning. These photos did not do justice to what it is actually like! I would recommend planning out what segments you are going to attend before to get maximum value out of the entire experience. It was wonderful meeting the people who joined at my segment. I think it was a very valuable experience for all. It was a a pleasure answering your questions, sharing my worksheets and art journals.

Photo Source: Justin Hackworth & Cassandra Russell

The brands that sponsored Alt Summit 2018 were impressive. They went above and beyond creating intriging booths with maker experiences, displays and photo backdrops for us to make the most out of the entire experience. They showered us with gifts from free colouring books, soft drinks, dinners, wine, crafty items, pins, clothes and more. Best of all was the training and business inspiration for my own work! The very cool and creative collection of Alt attendees was also a notable visual collage of people happily expressing their personal style. Thanks to all attendees, brands and speakers for sharing to make this Alt Summit an ecstatic experience!

Alt Summit Wraps Up

Photo Source: Justin Hackworth & Cassandra Russell

I want to extend an extra heartfelt thank you to event creator Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom (pictured above with me) and her team for inviting me to speak at Alt Summit. The conference was massively educational, creative, fun and colour filled! Justina Blakeney of Jungalow gave an inspiring closing keynote sharing her design journey. Justina's work is passionately created with her evident love of color, pattern, and plants with a bohemian design inspiration.

Self-Care Tip:

Dinner At So.Pa Restaurant

To end your trip with a dinner to inspire the heart, the L'Horzion's Hotel's restaurant can So.Pa.Palm Springs provide the backdrop. The outdoor treed patio with a modern natural warmth that comes to life at dusk when the lights go on.

Self-Care Tip:

Late Night Hot Tub Dip At Exlixir At The V

On the last night of my trip, I took some time to enjoy eating burgers with some of the other Alt attendees in the hot tub which was really a very hot pool. It was so nice to unwind and talk about the conference, global issues, creative passions and careers. I was considering the thought that I could have spent a day or two more relaxing at in the hot tub at The V Palm Springs, when my daughter texted me to tell me that our husky had been sprayed by a skunk! They had decided to wait for me to come home to fix things. I was brought to real life real fast as I remembered my role as Mom aka resident fixer of home catastrophe's to take my dog to the dog spa to get cleaned up.

If you are considering visiting the V Palm Springs, Palm Springs and/or Alt Summit, I would definitely recommend them all!

Additional Resources:

Villagefest - VillageFest takes place in downtown Palm Springs on Palm Canyon Drive every Thursday night. The street is closed to vehicular traffic and is transformed into a festive, pedestrian street fair.

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