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A Travel Guide: 4 Days In Palm Springs (Day 2) to be continued...

I didn't realize that Palm Springs had so many energizing elements. The combination of dessert air, culture and a modern gourmet interpretation of food ...

DAY 2:

Explore & Enjoy

Out & About In Palm Springs

Photo Source: Cassandra Russell

Self-Care Tip:

Bring a blank sketch book. Noting the dessert's variety of vegetation when out exploring in Palm Springs was something I wanted to sketch and paint later in my art journal.

Breakfast at Ernest Coffee

Self-Care Tip:

Try Stumptown Coffee. While starting the day with coffee is debatable way to start the day, I knew it was going to be a long one. Ernest Coffee in Palm Springs has literally the best tasting, in my opinion coffee in the world! It's called Stumptown, with it's full body taste that was like drinking pure chocolate or Caribbean fresh ground coffee. There is a cold brew too!

Morning Sight Seeing: Moorten Botanical Garden

Photo Source: Cassandra Russell

Located at the southern end of Palm Canyon Drive, the Moorten Botanical Gardens and Cactarium is a favorite Palm Springs attraction and the enduring legacy of Patricia and Chester "Cactus Slim" Moorten. Both shared a love of the Desert and its beauty, plants and wildlife. Nicknamed Slim for his tall lanky form and work as a contortionist, Moorten was one of the original Keystone Cops and became the stand-in for Howard Hughes. Poor health led him to Palm Springs in the 1930s with his young wife Patricia, a biologist with a special interest in botany. Together they explored the surrounding area collecting desert plants and in 1938 created an arboretum. They eventually went worldwide gathering more types, expanding the variety count to over 3000 as their life's work. How romantic? Even better, today their son , Clark Moorten is the curator of the Gardens where mini succulents are sold. For more history on Palm Springs' Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactorium and hours and admission information visit this link.

Self Care Tip:

Create A Legacy Project: Think about creating a permanent or legacy project that you can share with others. Journal about what you would make with passion.

Getting Grounded Before Lunch

Photo Source: Cassandra Russell

Within the Botanical Gardens is a famous greenhouse. If you have the chance to visit, you must get a photo in this desert greenhouse. A quick images search on the gardens will show you the numerous photos people have taken in this spot. The pose I am holding is a little yoga-like with my hands. My legs are positioned in alignment with barre (a ballet inspired stretch/yoga) which is my new exercise passion.

Self-Care Tip:

Get Mindful: Planning ahead to make a time to get grounded before my talk in the next few days and the opening party later on in the afternoon was what I had also scheduled. I knew I would be around a lot of people later in the day so I took a moment to draw my mind to my surroundings. The energy of this desert garden was especially grounding. Any jet lag and nerves disappeared as I took a moment to feel the earthy energy of the land. Indigenous shaman have long used certain varieties for their medicinal healing capacity. Taking time to breathe in this natural spot could only be a good thing.

Lunch At El Jefe

Lunch was a quick bite at the at The Saguaro Hotel's El Jefe. Their all day menu was a great resource for people attending the conference (Alt Summit) I was attending. When you stopping in for lunch, you can also get some great photos with the hotel's colourful interior as a backdrop.

Photo Sources: Saguaro hotel

Opening Party For Alt Summit

Photo Sources: Justin Hackworth

Photo Sources: Justin Hackworth & Cassandra Russell

Upon arriving at the Saguaro we were welcomed with a colourful balloon installation (meaning it took some work to put that together). Coconut water drinks in actual coconuts with The Happy Planner logo carved into them were given out. A complimentary planner, markers and manicures made this large party eventful. The conversation and excitement for the summit of hundreds was buzzing in the air. The party was followed by several of many workshops and talks for the afternoon. All in all awesome!

Dinner At The Ace Hotel

Photo Source: Natasha Fuller

I gathered a group after the workshops together for a poolside dinner at The Ace Hotel & Swim Club . (Their artistic website is a must-see) A gourmet selection of Mexican fare which their website describes this way: "King’s Highway celebrates the ineffable, bohemian spirit of the wide open West". (Stumptown Coffee is offered here.) Also to note,

There are more restaurants listed on the Palm Springs Life Magazine website. There are also events, night clubs, day trips, kids stuff and outdoor attractions like Indian Canyons.

Self Care Tip:

Create A Detailed Travel Itinerary Before Your Trip. Having a detailed list of what you what like to do and accomplish during your trip helps to generate feelings of completion.

NEXT: DAY THREE > Read on for more Alt Summit highlights including poolside keynotes and other great places to eat & drink -- to be continued...Day 3

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