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January Jump Start 2018 Update

January is a wonderful time to maintain motivation. I was sick for December with a hurt shoulder. The January Jump Start 2018 videos did not manifest because my voice was gone. Go to Pinterest or here on the blog to see what we talked about last year to get healthy, get wealthy, get wise and get organized.

I sometimes like to organize my blog series' this way to go deeper in these Self-Care areas that I see people struggle with the most. In the video below I share what happened and what is coming up this year.


I am thrilled that was asked to speak at Altitude Summit 2018 in Palm Springs, California this February. It is being held at a multi-colored venue called The Saguaro Hotel providing the perfect backdrop for creativity and prosperity. Martha Stewart, Fashion Designer Todd Oldham, Martha Stewart Weddings Editor and Illustrator Darcy Miller and many more talented individuals have spoken at "Alt Summit" as it is known.


I have been getting rave reviews of my posts of late on my new Instagram account. View to follow, like and leave wonderful comments. It's not really new, I had some followers for years but no posts. It is now illustrating an artistic expression of my personal brand. This new toy has been an intriguing creative direction tool to express myself with. It's all in the editing, what you are adding and what you are leaving out that is key here.


Last Fall I led a coaching group of business people through topics like Intro To Personal Branding, Visioning, Goal Setting and Marketing Plans. It was by invite only to a specific group so feel bad if you did not attend. The result of The Grow Group was to have a Sales Funnel Workshop in March. This event will be open to everyone and will take place at Coppa's Market on Tuesday March 6th at 10am. Bring your personalized questions and learn more about how this applies to your business.

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