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Simple Gift Ideas (Last Minute)

Last minute gift giving is just a fact of life when you have people dropping in during the holiday season. Here are a four great ideas that are simple and sweet that you can keep on hand. I love making handmade gifts in batches and handing them to guests as they leave. At this time of year it really is the thought that counts.

1. Tickets To The Ballet

As a kid and little ballerina, I adored going to see the Nutcracker with my family. The flyer above is from a later performance after the originally named O'Keefe Centre became the Hummingbird Center. Today it is called the Sony Centre. This is where I was last night with my family. After dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (below) we took in the show.This experience was one gift I wanted to give my children who are becoming more interested in classical music with their piano lessons.

A trip to a magical performance to experience with family is priceless especially for kids. Mine (above) enjoyed the creativity and artistry captured in this years' performance.

2. A Live Potted Arrangement

A living breathing gift is a great natural addition to your environment. It is also helping the planet breath. This year adding birch tree branches and red dogwood twigs to holiday arrangements was a trend. This looks amazing as long as we are not cutting down birch trees for the sake of style.

This winter arrangement holds blue hydrangeas, one of my oldest favs. A simple blue glittered pine cone makes if festive. You can also add some sprigs of evergreen to an already made up arrangement. Note to self, gather a bunch of pinecones to glitter to add to arrangements. This artistic alternative is biodegradable versus a plastic pick that says happy Holidays.

Thinking ahead about where your live arrangement will end up is a mindful self-care practice. Poinsettias will last indoors for over a year. Single potted evergreen trees can be planted outside in the Spring. The longevity of these two choices makes them better than cut arrangements which will not last as long.

3. Pre-made Pretty Packages

I love gifting pretty packages like the Bonne Mamman Fig Jam above. Found at the grocery store, making it easy to gather saving me long additional trips to the mall.

Here, I have added some fuzzy yarn and a handmade tag. Simple, inexpensive easy and fast!

4. Spirited Artwork

This classic piece is one I love to give over and over again as a print. It is an energized watercolour called Secluded Spot. It is about having a creative hideaway or space to express yourself. This can be an art journal or a huge studio. Whatever your creative space turns out to be, make sure you are free to record your thoughts, images and words. This is a great idea for the upcoming year. You can find more of my work in my Gallery Shop.

These simple gift ideas have made celebrating the holiday season more fun for me. Putting in a little extra thought and love in to these ideas are the secret ingredients. You can also take a look a last years' Christmas Countdown 2016 for other gifts ideas and tips.

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