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Healthy Pink Themed Dance Party Fundraiser

Combine dressing in all things pink with Zumba dancing, raffle prizes and fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society and you get an event that covers all element of Self-Care. Creating awareness and a great way for supporters to participate and win prizes was the goal of this popular Zumbathon. The 6th Annual Event gets larger each year along with its fun factor. This year a special segment for kids to participate and show their Party In Pink spirit was added. I was happy to created and donate a prize pack promoting all things Self-Care. A copy of my colouring book, healthy snacks and drinks were also included. I used a theme of mostly pink packaged items along with one of my watercolour prints.

The instructors above keep me motivated to keep dancing throughout the year in the various Zumba classes offered at the Bradford Leisure Center. This a joyful part of my Self-Care in a given week. Thanks to them and the event organizers this continues to be a success.

In this video I share exactly what I included in the Give Away Prize Pack I created. Instead of a gift basket I upcycled a cardboard display box from Home depot and covered it with my brand colours.

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