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[FREE COURSE] The Summer Step Up

Earlier this summer I created this Self-Care Mini Motivational Series especially for this time when we are moving from summer into autumn. This is a time when we can get prepared and geared up for the upcoming cooler season. Take advantage of the last days of summer (Autumn officially starts Sept. 21st), by taking time out to think and plan.

After sitting on this mini series, you will be moving towards learning what you can do for yourself to maximize your overall efficiency.


We are going to be focusing on these 4 modules to get you inspired:

PT. 1 GET HEALTHY: 5 Amazing Natural Energy Boosters

PT. 2 GET WEALTHY: How Wealth & Well-Being Connect

PT. 3 GET WISE: Mind Development For Personal Growth

PT. 4 GET ORGANIZED: 5 Amazing Orderly Space Secrets

​At the end of each section challenge yourself to add some of these ideas to your Self-Care Practice by journaling about what you can commit to doing! More detailed course information is available on

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