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{Video} Staying On Track With Yoga

How did your January Jump Start go? You can begin a Jump Start any time in order to be even better for next January. Right about now on the calendar, (April at the time of this writing) everyone needs extra motivation to stay on track as we transition into Spring.

In this video I made last week, I describe how yoga can be a simple way to keep your flow of exercise, Self-Care Practice and inspiration going.

I also gives a sneak peek about my Conversion Funnels Sales E-Course for Heartpreneurs: those wishing to have a successful heart-felt business or career.

Want to learn more about integrating and amplifying your Wealth and Well-Being? Well I kept getting request after request to make this free starter resource to understanding growing these two areas to achieve life / work balance. If your overall goals are contentment and joy, then you can begin unlocking the key steps with this guide. The Wealth & Well-Being Starter Guide is a great foundation for starting to take your Self-Care journey in a new direction.

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