Pebbles In The Pond With Author Cassandra Russell

Pebbles In The Pond With Author Cassandra Russell

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Pebbles In The Pond reveals the transformational personal stories from 46 authors from around the world. This courageous group of determined spirits have a mission to share through their own journeys and how they choose to live their lives every single day. 

My contribution is a chapter about taking creative action to both heal and propel your life.


This non-fiction anthology of personal growth stories was complied by Christine Kloser.
The colourful earthy soulful cover has a creative cover design making it an attractive gift book and keepsake.


I recommend going through each chapter and reflecting on it. Try journaling about this idea: 
What if your biggest challenges, struggles, and heartbreaks were actually preparing 
you for your greatest transformation and contribution to the world?


    Pebbles In The Pond is a gorgeously designed paperback book with a chapter from serveal different inspirational authors from around the world suitable for a thoughtful gift.


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