Excavate Your Spirited Brand Personality

Excavate Your Spirited Brand Personality


Excavate Your Spirited Brand Personality 


How-To Bring Out Your Best Self


This is a one on one private Self-Care Coaching Package. It includes weekly 1 hour calls with Cassandra over the course of 10 weeks. During these 10 weeks, we will be creating variety of practices that together create a wellness lifestyle filled with elevated creativity, improved health, inner strength building and personal growth. Let's work intently and focus on scheduling your best personalized ways to build your Self Worth, Self-Esteem and Self Promotion into a plan that amplifies your joy and overall life efficiency.


Bonus: Build A Spirited Brand Personality - Brand Board 

We will also make a brand board to reflect your dreams, desires and preferences. A collage of what you love already leads you to who you really are. This invaluable exercise done with some bonus extra secret steps that I developed as a philosophical mixed media artist combined with my career experience in marketing and graphic design. The two examples above are simplified versions. You can go on to use this colours, shapes, images and words collected form this experience in your personal art journaling and potential business marketing materials for authentic Self- Promotion.




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